Our Vision
Giving small businesses the
vision power
to stand out
Running a business is hard
It’s not enough to offer a great service or product, you also need to sell it. Of course, in order to sell anything, you need to get noticed by the right audience first. And on top of that you need to deliver the right message.
The unfair advantage
Large businesses have a really neat trick up their sleeves to help them solve the issue. They use ad platforms to attract visitors. They usually hire agencies to run their ad campaigns or they just start a dedicated marketing department and hire the experts needed to run it.
Fighting back
For most small businesses and side hustles, those options are usually not available. And yet, the upside of running ads to grow the business may be just as huge. So why should running ads stay reserved for the big players? We don’t know either. So we made it our mission to help small businesses and entrepreneurs run great ads on their own.
About us

Meet the founders

We live by our vision to help entrepreneurs build and launch amazing ads to grow their business.
Development & Security
No bit remains unflipped when Marc starts working his keyboard.
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Sales & Financials
If you need some convincing, Brice is the one to win you over.
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Marketing & Data
The world is one big data problem, and Bob loves data problems.
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Product & Design
It's all about the balance. Between form and function, and between tech and heart.
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